All Fawn , Brindle, Black And Silver Puppies  and White and Cream Puppies 
are $1300.00
There is a $100.00 Non Refundable deposit To Hold Puppy

Guarantees and Refund Policy


We try very hard to ensure all of our puppies will have a long healthy life. That does not mean we can
Guarantee a puppy will never develop a health issue. There are many random health issues that any
Dog may develop, just like people, and are not genetic in nature. Health can be determined by food,
Vaccines, chemicals consumed and other environmental impacts that may cause disease or other Physical problems.
Our puppies are on a strict schedule of worming and vaccinations while they are
with us. The puppies are bathed often. However this does not mean that we can guarantee the puppy will not have worms, or flees despite our efforts. We also cannot guarantee that a puppy will not develop one of the diseases we vaccinate for or other diseases such as coccidia or giardia, since a puppy's immune system is still developing when they leave our home. To help protect your puppy, we recommend that you do not take your puppy to a dog park or other places with many dogs you do not know.
We do not Cover any or all vet bills those are the buyers responsibility.
The buyer(s) agree to give routine veterinarian care (shots, exams, fecal, dental, etc.) to feed a premium dog food, to keep the above described dog healthy and happy, to train and to love and care for this dog for its lifetime. I am aware that pugs are prone to allergies, respiratory issues, skin problems, eye issues, and have sensitive skin and stomachs. I realize that pugs snore, sneeze, pass gas, and shed. They are also very sensitive to extreme weather especially heat.
The Buyer has three (3) business days to take the puppy to a Veterinarian of his/her choice and have an additional health check done on the puppy. If this is not done the guarantee is void.
The above described dog is being sold as a family pet, housedog, and a member of the family and will not be kept as a kennel dog, tied up, live entirely outside, or be used as a guard dog. If the buyer(s) have questions about their new dog, they will call the breeder(s). They are there to help.
The breeder’s representation that the puppy is of sound temperament is based on observation of the puppy and knowledge of its ancestry. This means the puppy is sound when the buyer(s) purchases it. The buyer is aware that behavior is based on genetics and environment. Improper training and neglect can spoil good genetic temperament. The buyer(s) must call the breeder for advice if unsure of how to deal with a particular behavior of the puppy. The breeder is not responsible for the behavior of the puppy after it has been with the buyer(s) for 30 days.
By signing this contract you agree to waive all legal rights to take any legal action against the breeder. If there are issues with the puppy's health that go beyond the normal health issues associated with pugs you are agreeing to take it to the breeder directly. We do NO REFUNDS but may replace a puppy with one of equal value if it is determined that the illness of the puppy was genetic and occurred within the first year. Copy of necropsy results must be provided.

You Can Download a copy Here